How The Interior Of Your Room Improves Your Mood

Published On September 28, 2019 | By Ellina Willson | Home Improvement

Probably one of the best feelings after a long, tiring day is to relax in the beauty of your own house. If you end up still being in a bad mood once you get home, then it’s time to consider Retail and Hospitality Philadelphia interior design and know about how your room or house’s interior affects your mood.

Colors Contribute to Significant Changes

Not a lot of people are aware that colors may also significantly influence one’s mood. Upon entering a room, colors are one of the first things your mind subconsciously takes note of and instantly processes. Here are the primary colors you can choose from and what their effects are:

  • Blue: This color helps you feel relaxed and at ease and the easiest to compliment. However, be wary of the shades as it can depict different moods (light blue can represent peace while dark blue may describe drama).
  • Green: For the nature lovers out there, green is the first choice. Most of the time paired with wooden tones, any shade of green instantly shows a relaxing, calming, and carefree vibe.
  • Yellow: Known as the bright color, this color screams of positivity and warmth. It is also known to awaken your creative side, affect your memory, stimulate the mind, and stimulate communication.
  • Brown: The usual partner of this color is green, and they compliment each other to give you nature and earthy vibes. When trying to compliment different colors, opt for lighter shades of brown.

The Lighting Plays A Big Role

As much as possible, incorporate more light in rooms that are mostly visited by household members (living room, dining room) because of the positive effects it brings. Retail and Hospitality interior design is all about improving your space, and more brightness is scientifically proven to increase hormones such as serotonin (the happy hormone) and melatonin (the sleep hormone).

Being Organized Relaxes You

You must admit, seeing your stuff in order gives you a good feeling. Being organized can be such a drag if you don’t have the right things. Why not go and visit your local dollar store and buy some storage boxes or paper organizers? Add in some folders and paper clips as well. Keep in mind that being organized significantly changes the perspective of a room in an instant.

Focus On The Feng Shui

The primary purpose of feng shui is to alter your mood based on how you position the items of your home. Through the environment’s placement, there is a belief that positive vibes (also known as “good chi”) will instantly flow. Retail and Hospitality interior design promotes feng shui for businesses and homes alike.

Another part of feng shui that you should know about is the incorporation of harmonious plants, as they are known to influence the mood and lessen anxiety and stress significantly. 

Conclusion: Interior design plays a significant role in affecting one’s moods. Let Studio Grayscale help you achieve peace and relaxation now.


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