How To Prevent Ants From Infesting Your Home

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Ant, (group Formicidae), a single of about 10,000 plus species of arthropods (order Orthoptera) which are very social and inhabit naturally in large numbers in many organized nests and communities. Ants are distributed broadly worldwide, although they are susceptible to climate change and have adapted in various parts of the world to live in varying habitats. Ants are essential for food distribution as they act as efficient flyers when visiting gardens, farms, and settlements. The majority of ants are nocturnal but feed at night, while humans are more than twice as active during the daytime. In addition, ants have a unique system for collecting food: They look for food, either by raiding other ant colonies or by picking up food scraps off the ground.

Although most ants are solitary animals, a few do travel in large numbers, particularly the larger species with hundreds or thousands of ants. When ant colonies are formed in large spaces such as in the woods or abandoned mines, queens will quickly establish a new colony. The worker ants will be given food that the queen has freshly gathered, but the colony will rapidly expand as more ants join.

Formica ants are among the most destructive pest ants and form essential farming organisms when they invade houses. The Formica genus includes so many different ant species that it is rare to find one not involved in agriculture. One of the Formica species is the Formica dentata, which is commonly known as ‘baker’s cake’ because of its sticky, delicate nature when handled. Other Formica ant species include the Formica capitellae, Formica stellata, Formica granulata, Formica granularis, Formica gracilis and Formica pulcherrima.

These creatures are enormous assistance in the plant’s growth. But, unfortunately, despite their benefit, several homeowners are not that enthusiastic about seeing them within their houses—especially within their kitchen.

That is why the most known kitchen cabinet Cypress and kitchen remodeling companies Cypress, Mr. Cabinet Care, created an infographic with all the simple methods to prevent them from infesting your cooking area:

How to Prevent Ants from Infesting Your Kitchen

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