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Published On May 30, 2021 | By Donnald Peris | Home Improvement

Eagle Eye Inspections lives up to its name. A local home, building and pest inspector, Eagle Eye Inspections makes sure to inspect every detail, nook and cranny. They get the job done, from cleaning rooms, down to killing the pests that invade your home. Eagle Eye Inspections uses the latest cleaning technology and tools to guarantee quality service. Also, they have a variety of services you can choose from. There are pest inspections, cleaning services, and building services as well! 

That’s right, building services, meaning you can avail of our services in your office or condominium. Truly intricate like an eagle’s eye, Eagle Eye Inspections makes sure not to miss any space or crevice in your home. Affordable and given to you at a reasonable price with premium quality service, why hesitate? Learn more about our services and details as you read along.

All Necessary Services In One Place!

Our popular cleaning services include affordable deep cleaning services, misting and disinfection services, upholstery and cleaning services, and surface cleaning and disinfection services. Our popular pest-free services include comprehensive termite control services, soil treatment (pre and post-construction), hygienic pest control treatment, rodent and mice control services, special garden services, termite proofing work, and structural and industrial pest control.

Each service guarantees a clean and pest-free environment. The most satisfying result is when you take a before and after picture of your home, condominium or office. See the difference, with reassurance that you will not be disappointed at all. Multiple customers have done this, sending us their documentations and their satisfied comments! We can’t wait until you give our services a try and be satisfied yourself! 

State Of The Art Customer Satisfaction

Eagle Eye Inspections mainly focuses on pest inspections in Ballarat. Ballarat has a population of 109,553 people. Eagle Eye Inspections is one of the most popular cleanings and pest control services in the area.  Eagle Eye Inspections is innovative, safe and effective pest control and termite treatment services. Eagle Eye Inspections are one of the most respected pest control companies in Ballarat. 

The reason is that we’re one of the companies with a lot of services to choose from. Customers usually avail themselves of one to multiple services at a time. It is very easy to get in touch with them. Reach out by calling their landline or cellphone to avail and choose which services you want. Not only are you given quality service, but you are also given pest control experts and professional cleaners who are qualified and proven to provide you with a clean and pest-free home. Your safety is our priority; our job is to lend you a helping hand towards a clean and healthy home. Having clean surroundings means having a healthy life! Avail of our services now!

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