How Long Do Garbage Disposals Last?

Published On November 22, 2020 | By admin | Cleaning

Garbage disposals are among the most used kitchen devices as they’re capable of reducing the volume of trash that homeowners need to throw away. People can dispose of kitchen waste through their kitchen sinks while the garburator shreds them into little pieces that can then go through kitchen drains.

Due to how convenient garburators are, many people tend to abuse them by disposing of different substances and kitchen waste, leading to clogged drains and a worn and torn garbage disposal. When the garburator breaks down, the homeowner will need to get a new one to experience the benefits once more. Buying a new garbage disposal unit isn’t exactly budget-friendly, especially since it can last for about 15 years when properly taken care of.

When purchasing a garbage disposal unit for the first time, the homeowner must look for newer models to ensure that they have a device with a long lifespan. Besides getting a new garburator, people must also use them responsibly by being discriminate when disposing of kitchen waste. Throwing away fibrous foods, eggshells, coffee grounds, grease, and other hard waste will damage the blades and shorten the garburator’s lifespan. People should only throw away scraps of non-starchy fruit and vegetables, soft foods, chopped foods, and liquids when using the garbage disposal.

Properly maintaining and cleaning the garburator also helps in making sure that it lasts. People can clean the blades by turning off the motor and pouring a mixture of vinegar and baking soda on the blades, and then rinsing them with hot water after the solution stops foaming.

When homeowners have trouble with their garbage disposal units and drains, they can look for a reputable plumber to fix their unit and avail of drain cleaning services. By maintaining garburators, people can continue using them for many years to come before having to replace them.

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