Looking For a Loft Ladder? Which One Suits Your Home?

Published On July 25, 2019 | By Ellina Willson | Home Improvement

Do you want a loft ladder that you can pull, slide or even operate using a remote? In this article, you will find brief information that you can use while buying a loft ladder.

In each of the ladder that you find, it will be having varying features although the most distinction will be on how the ladder is operating. In the stores, you will find three kinds of ladders. The common are sliding ladders, folding ladders, and heavy-duty concertina range.

Depending on the ladder you choose, each has benefits and downside. So, the best way is to choose one that suits the home and the importance of using it:

  • Folding Loft Ladder

While comparing this folding loft ladder with a sliding ladder, this is more substantial. For most people, they will choose this type of a wooden folding loft ladder while buying at the stores.

The type of ladder is capable of holding up to 150 kilograms of weight. For consistency of work, this type of ladder has many timber sections. If you have folding loft ladder, accessing the loft will be easier and especially those that are non-habitable like a home office or playroom.

In this type of loft ladder, it is supplied with a kit that is thermally insulated hatch. The kit will be installed in the apertures and the ladder will be sitting firmly against your doors back. It will, therefore, be much easier to operate the ladder and less likely to also fall down.

  • Sliding Loft Ladder

These are the basic types of ladders that are readily available. When operating, they are easily pivoted down from your aperture and have an operating pole.

If you want this type of attic or loft ladder, it is much available in either timber or aluminium. For aluminium, it comes when two or three sections. The difference is that the third party will be short. These types of ladders suit the property that has a lower-pitched roof.

  • Concertina

Concertina type of loft ladder has a fantastic design. The maker of these types of ladders is to ensure that it can save maximum space needed. So, while buying this type, you will be saving much soft within your loft. In this type, there are two types available in the stores; commercial and domestic use.

If you check at domestic concertina, its lightweight loft ladder and can fit in most traditional sized apertures. It is therefore great to have this type of ladder. The reason why this make is beneficial is that it is for lofts that are regularly accessed especially for storage purposes.

On the other hand, considering the commercial concertina, it’s heavy-duty. It has a fire-rated certification. The other thing you should know about the ladder is that it can be manufactured to suit the size you need for easy access to hatch or height of the ceiling.

Despite commercial concertina being considered for commercial purposes, the best thing is that it can also be used at any place. You can even install it on suspended ceilings.

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