3 Helpful Tips for Creating a Comfortable Spa-Like Bathroom

Published On July 30, 2020 | By Teresa Toy | Featured

Thinking about how you can make your home more comfortable and enhance your everyday life? Start by giving your bathroom a functional and aesthetic renovation. If your goal is to create a spa-like bathroom that you’ll enjoy each and every day, here are three things you need to do.

  1. Create Privacy

Privacy is an essential ingredient for a comfortable bathroom. If you don’t have room to create a separate enclosure for your toilet, you might be able to create privacy by installing a half wall. Glass blocks or sandblasted glass walls will afford you some additional privacy without completely closing off space in the room. Additionally, if privacy demands you keep windows to a minimum, consider installing a skylight or roof window for some extra light.

  1. Install Mood Lighting

Quality accent lighting can add a truly touch to any space, and it can really enhance your nightly soaks in your luxurious bathtub. Small strip lights mounted below a raised tub or lights recessed into a soffit above your vanity are special touches that can provide an ambient glow. Contemporary bathroom fixtures Apopka can truly make all the difference in creating the relaxing vibe you’re trying to achieve.

  1. Renovate Your Shower

Here is where you can truly make changes to add comfort to your bathroom. Start by installing additional showerheads in your shower stall. Also, top it all off by installing a luxurious rainfall showerhead to truly enhance your morning routine. Additionally, you could add smart technology to this space by installing Bluetooth speakers, giving you a symphony accompaniment as you get ready in the morning.

You spend a lot of time in your bathroom so it only makes sense that space is a one where comfort should be a priority. If you’re selective with your bathroom upgrades, you’ll look forward to getting out of bed each morning!

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