Choose the Best High-Quality Main Door For Your HDB Home

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When it comes to the high-quality door supply, then it can be said for sure that the Singapore based door supply companies happen to be the best of the lot. Choosing a local supplier or local door contractor gives you the peace of mind as you know that you can simply revisit them if you encounter with any issues.

Especially if it comes to the main gates, HDB doors and PVC doors, then local companies offer the best experience and choice. Additionally, the quality of door will also be up to standard, as they will seek to provide you with the best of the best from the industry. You can check out for more variety of HDB home doors in Singapore.

The Right Choice of Material

Choosing the company has a good track record and length experience in door manufacturing and distribution is essential. Not only that the doors need to have the right quality, but also that it needs to have the below-mentioned features:

  • Water and fire resistance
  • Factory priced
  • Odour-free
  • 1-year warranty at least
  • Accessories and free locks

The doors need to be quality checked. This should be of no worries as the Singapore door industry is heavily regulated and competitive. Door contractors do their best to put themselves in front of customers with quality door products.

Many even offer customised doors.

Many other aspects of doors are closely related and ones which you can find from many door companies. 

  • HDB main gates
  • HDB main doors
  • Toilet doors
  • Bedroom doors
  • Fire-rated doors
  • Sliding doors
  • Timber doors
  • Bi fold doors
  • Metal doors
  • Glass doors
  • Digital locks

A well-connected door contractor with the right supplier will be perfect in leading you to what you need for your home.

There are different types of doors available now, classic doors, Nyatoh doors, Veneer doors, Laminate doors, laminate doors etc.

Apartment entrance doors are also treated and classified as interior doors. They are not to be confused with front doors in a house. They must still, though, guarantee the highest level of security and come close to apartment doors in terms of stability and security technology.

They must also fit seamlessly with the interior design genre of the home and have the look of a room door.

You can find plenty of security options from door contractors these days, who offer keyless security options and

Wood and Wood-based Materials

Wood has many advantages. It is also the classic option for interior design themes. The look of solid wood is unbeatable, and the wood has a natural sound and heat insulating properties.

Wood is sensitive to changing humidity and temperature fluctuations. Wood is an organic material that works. It swells up, shrinks again, absorbs moisture, forms cracks when it releases moisture. And it goes away. Wooden doors like to get stuck can no longer be closed properly or deform in such a way that the sound and heat insulation is quickly gone.

That shouldn’t happen with wood-based materials because solid wood is usually only used (if at all) in the surrounding frame. The door is made of chipboard or high-density fibreboard, sometimes medium-density fibreboard. These materials do not work, they are dimensionally stable. The door does not warp if it is made of wood materials.

Having diluted wood content in your door can help you remove the disadvantages of wooden doors.


Wood-based materials are also considered to be very sustainable. Small and tiny wood particles help create elements within the door that can help provide longevity to your product. 

Solid wood doors, on the other hand, are cut from large boards. Compared to plastic options, this is still a sustainable option for doors, that also happens to be biodegradable. It is great for interior doors.


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