Importance of Roof Repair in Places Prone to Seepage

Published On March 23, 2019 | By Donnald Peris | Home Improvement

If we find water stains that run down the walls or are extended all across the ceiling, it indicates that the roof is leaking. The hardest part is tracking down the exact genesis of the leak. Roof repair is a considerably easy task to perform. But if a person lives in a snow-belt area the leaking of the roof is experienced only during summertime, then that probably means that the roof has ice dams.

It is better to immediately repair the roof of the house and not to wait for a year or so. Roof repair is important because sometimes a small leak in the roof and can create serious issues such as sheathing, rotted framing, mold, damaged ceilings as well as destroyed insulations. For example, an expensive repairing bill will be made in case of flashing leaks which were obvious from the stains in the ceilings for the past two years.

Steps to detection:

  1. While tracking the position of the leak, it is better to start by looking at the uphill of the roof from where the stains have started. The first thing that needs to be looked upon is: roof penetration. Places where the roof has been penetrated are often the most common areas but are cumbersome to find.
  2. Even for roofs that are very old, leaks are very hard to find in open areas with shingles that are uninterrupted. If there is an access to the attic, the easiest way to track down a leak is to go up to the attic and search for any leakage.
  3. There will be stains of water, mold, or even black marks. But if there is a vaulted ceiling or there is no access to an attic, then the only option left, is to go up to the roof and check the roof.

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