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If you want to get the most out of the car’s air conditioning, maintenance and tips on its use are equally important, and that, when the thermometers pass 30 degrees, driving without cooling the environment is not only uncomfortable, but also dangerous, so take note that here you have the 10 keys of the air conditioning of the car.

It is not that we have become too ‘comfortable’, but at this point driving in summer without a well-cooled cabin is almost unthinkable (and even dangerous). Hence, about the cars air conditioning: maintenance and tips are equally important to observe. If you follow these 10 laves on the air conditioning of the car, you will not stay frozen when you turn it on and see that it does not cool. So when it comes to the quality then you can be sure that Air Conditioning Repair Columbia SC services will offer you all round solutions to your requirement.

  1. Maintenance of air conditioning

This is not a summer issue, much less. There is a very simple task with which, at least, to make sure that it continues to function as the last day of summer. Turn on the air conditioner once a month. This will prevent the ducts from drying out and, above all, the proliferation of mold and bacteria inside, which, as you can read a little below, is what, causes bad odors in the car. Diagnosis of air conditioning

There are many reasons why the air conditioner may not cool properly, but always keep in mind that the more heat you make outside, the harder it will be to cool the car. However, if you still do not feel chilly, insert a thermometer through one of the air vents and wait about 10 minutes, if after that time it marks the same temperature you have selected, it may be that it lacks strength. This may be due to a problem in the compressor or because the filter in the passenger compartment is clogged with dirt.

  1. Clean outdoor fans

It is also important that the fans that are outside are clean, because it usually accumulates a lot of dust and all kinds of dirt. This makes it difficult for the exit of the air to the outside to take place efficiently. In case they are not very dirty, you can clean them with a brush, but if there is a lot of dirt, it is best to call a technician.

  1. Gas cooling level

You have to be aware of the level of gas that cools the appliance. Over time, the gas is spent; it is recommended that you look at it before the heat arrives. There are certain devices where it is possible to see the levels, but in other cases no, that is why it is recommended that you look at a specialized professional.

  1. You must take into account the electrical installation because it is one of the most important parts of the air conditioner. Pay special attention if there is a long period of inactivity or you do not use it often.

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