How precious is granite?

Published On May 28, 2019 | By Clare Louise | Home Improvement

Granite is the popular material used around the world and is believed to be on the planet earth since 300 million years. Granite is 2nd strongest material after diamond and preferred because of its durability, strong and beautiful nature. Granite is formed out of the plutonic rock by magma or lava crystallization. Granite stone is comprised of feldspar, quartz, amphiboles, mica and other natural minerals. The granite is available in different geographical regions in the world and has different colours because of its colourful grain-like pattern has had different colours namely black, white, grey, pink, red, blue etc. Contact for colourful granite from Granite au Sommet to use it in your house.

Granite is used for numerous purposes from time immemorial. From ancient times granite is used as building materials for constructing various structures, monuments, roads, bridges, including the pedestrian basement of the Statue of Liberty of the US in modern times. Granite is collected from the granite stone mines through blasting of rocks mostly from countries like India, China, Brazil, Norway and Italy etc. Granite is also known as “dimension stone” and after the collection from the stone quarries, they are cut into slabs of a specific thickness, length and width as per the requirement. Get your preferred size of best granite tiles from Granite au Sommet to use them in your construction of your home.

The granite slabs are further cut and designed to use as floor tiles, paver stones, veneer, stairs, countertops etc. When the granite tiles were first introduced in the market, they were initially used as luxury items and were very expensive. But as the demand increased, technology developed to produce granite abundantly within a short period, eventually, this became the most popular countertops for kitchen and bathrooms along with floor tiles for all types of floors. Take the most appropriate tiles from Granite au Sommet for the countertops of your kitchen and bathrooms.

In the contemporary world, granite products are considered to be the most durable and beautiful materials with the status symbol. Granite tiles are hard and do not get damaged by heat, water and strains. Therefore, these materials are more preferred by the builders in comparison to marbles and other flooring materials. Granite slabs come in a variety of sizes with different colours and designs to suit the requirements and choice of the builders and serve lifelong durability. Get your preferred granite slabs from Granite au Sommet and get the lifelong guaranty of its services.

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